Ragnar Relay Florida Keys 2013 Race Report

Well, despite every possible effort to foil my team’s start, every member of Ludicrous Speed showed up ready to run!

My first run was through the crappy section of Coral Gables. I started out way too fast because the sun still wasn’t up. The running route was through an interesting neighborhood – and because I was slightly afraid of getting lost – I ran HARD to keep up with the girl in front of me. I lost her anyway. I kept reminding myself that Carolyn (my sister, who ran that leg last year) had commented that it was through the ‘hood. So, if it was sketchy, I MUST be on the right path! I eventually found my way to the outskirts of the University of Miami campus that I knew would lead me to the end of my run. It was a great run, solid effort, and fun start to the weekend!

The second run was along a dirt path, down a road, and onto the gravel road next to a canal. I started in a light rain, which eventually let up. The humidity hit me HARD! My diaphragm was cramping because I was apparently breathing a little funny. Around mile 2 it cleared up, and I started to feel much better! I wanted the run to go on forever because the longer I ran, the better I felt.

My final run was the run I was waiting for – the Seven Mile Bridge! I ran about 2 miles before hitting the bridge. My run was slow, but really awesome. I was so happy to finally get to run this leg! I started in the dark, and the sun started peeking over the horizon when had about two miles remaining… so I got to see stars and the sunrise! The shoulder is narrow, and I was worried that passing trucks would scare me. As it turns out, the breeze left in their wake was the only relief from the warm, humid air, and I welcomed the passing of every large vehicle!

The exchanges and course support were much more strictly executed this year – I’m guessing the jump from 350 to 550 teams required it. Sometimes it was a bummer to not be allowed to stop where you wanted to, but the entire event went so smoothly that I cannot complain.

And, that’s the short version!


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