I’m back!

I got back to Tucson this past weekend – greeted by triple digit temps and wildfires! More importantly, I was greeted at the airport by a dozen friends with homemade signs. It was AWESOME.

After working hard for the past 22 weeks…


…I finished up OCS, and managed to graduate with honors!


Now, I need to get used to people calling me ma’am.

I’m taking a mini-vacation from work before getting back into the office. It’s great. I kicked it off with an early swim with Chrissy, who is still kicking my butt in the pool. I even made it to the gym to go for a treadmill run and do a kettlebell workout, which has my quads on fire today!

Currently, the only races I’m registered for are Duathlon Nationals in October, and the Florida Keys Ragnar Relay in February – where our team might grow from 12 to 18 (did someone say ultra!?!?!) because Team Ludicrous Speed is too popular and everyone and their mother (and father) want to run with us.

This will certainly change. I’m giving my bikes a good once-over this week to get them road and trail ready again. I’m even considering purchasing a new fork for the mountain bike – which has been needed since before I bought the bike.

I ALSO get to learn how to better balance strength and endurance training. I’ve got big plans for triathlon, running and for the Army.


3 responses to “I’m back!

  1. Congrats on a huge accomplishment! Enjoy the break 🙂

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