Fresh Start!

Life was sort of a whirlwind after finishing up my Army training. I came home and had to really fight to get my job back. It was supposed to have been guaranteed… it’s sort of a law. On top of that, my three year relationship ended around that time, too, so my buddy, Duke, and I are on our own again. That change is certainly for the better, though!

I’m mostly settled in at work. Duke and I are certainly settled in to our new home. I’ve got the coaching business up and running again (and I’m so excited!). I’m even training for a specific race again! Things are starting to feel normal!

I swam like a machine when I first got back to Tucson. As it turns out, unemployment = noon swim practice. Holy cow, it was amazing. If I could find a job close enough to the U of A, I’d go to that practice all the time!

I met a few new cycling friends. We’ve been on and off road… speaking of off-road.

“Your outstanding performance in this year’s XTERRA America Tour has qualified you to compete at the prestigious XTERRA USA Championship to be held at Snowbasin Resort, Utah on September 21, 2013.”… what? Really? Remember that time I did an Xterra, posted the slowest bike split of the day, and still beat the one other person in my age group? It qualified me for the USA Championship! Well, I decided to turn it down. I’ve been mountain biking just a few times since I’ve been back, and a 28k mountain bike with 3,400 feet of climbing is just something I wouldn’t be able to prepare for in 5 weeks.

…but I entered a contest for entry to the 10k trail run through Foot Balance… and I won! I’m so excited to go up, watch the Xterra Tri on Saturday, then run my little heart out on the trails on Sunday. Oh, and of course stop and explore along the way. And perhaps hang with Powerbar at Interbike on my way up?

The race I’m building to right now is Duathlon Nationals. I’d like to better my time from last year. My parents will be in Tucson for the FIRST TIME EVER that weekend, too! My dad hasn’t seen me race in a really long time (he would if I raced close to their home!). My Mom was a Rev3 Quassy last year – a super awesome spectator despite the rain and cold. I’m trying to convince her to do the Duathlon, too!

I’ve also got my first Ragnar Trail Relay coming up – which should be AWESOME.

I’m planning on hitting up an inaugural, local tri put on by another member of Tucson Tri Girls… the Patagonia Tri. Should be challenging and FUN!

It feels good to be getting back into the groove.


One response to “Fresh Start!

  1. It sounds like you have some great plans lined up.

    I’m bummed that I won’t be able to do the Patagonia Tri. I’d already signed up for a half marathon that weekend.

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