Saguaro 8 Miler Race Report

It feels like DECADES since I’ve written one of these!

My plan was to run this steady – hopefully under 10min/mile – and still have enough in the tank for a 75 minute ride afterwards. It’s a crazy hilly course:


I’ve ridden the course a few times, but I’ve never ran it. That hill from mile 3.5 to 5 seems to go on forever! And without wheels under me, those rollers afterwards were sure to feel harder.

I arrived early on race day, and parked at a church that I knew was nearby. I managed to avoid all race day traffic, and just ride my bike the 1.5 remaining miles to the start. I was greeted with this:


The weather was amazing.  A little desert rain, and some wind, help to make this an awesome morning.

This was also my first race rocking the eagle… I recently got involved with Team RWB! They’re an amazing organization that helps veterans transition from military to civilian life. I met up with a huge group of RWBers at the start!


Before I knew it, the 5k runners were off, and the 8 mile runners were lining up! I just kind of hopped in where I was standing and waited for the GO!

For the first mile I was just running with the crowd. I guess I picked the right place to start, because that first mile was just over 9:00.

The race went very smoothly – I never walked (except after the last water station – two cups = side stitch!), even on the killer uphills. When I ride the course, it always feels like it’s just about over after cresting that hill at mile 5. Running, it feels like I had so much further to go! Especially because there’s no momentum to be had through those rollers!!


Still smiling at mile 7.5!!

I finished with an official clock time of 1:18:39. That was good enough for 15/40 in my age group, and 95/400 women! I’m pretty excited. I even had enough in the tank to tackle the rest of my reverse brick.

My ride was pretty great. It was the first time I’ve ridden solo in a while, and I had fun. I explored a little bit – found the end of Speedway Blvd – and even managed to average 10mph up the Freeman climb. No complaints here!

I had a blast racing, and I’m REALLY looking forward to Xterra Trail Nationals in a few weeks.


One response to “Saguaro 8 Miler Race Report

  1. Cool. I didn’t know you were there. It was a nice morning (as nice as you’re going to get this time of year 🙂 ).

    Very nice job. Especially for your first run of the course 🙂

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