Not really a weekend…

Friday afternoon. 3:15pm. My whole department got called into the boss’s office and told we all need to be in at 7am on Saturday. No warning prior to that. It really put me in a bad mood. I had a morning double brick workout planned – in prep for USAT Duathlon Nationals – then a little swim, and lunch with a friend… and all my plans went into the trash.

On Saturday, at 2pm, I’m told we’re all working Sunday as well. Really!?!? Ok. Fine. But I said I had soccer at 3 on Sunday, and I wasn’t missing my game.

Balance to me is VERY important. My work, the National Guard, my social life, my training, my other activities… when one starts to take over, I get stressed and start to feel stuck.

I was reminded once again… Exercise makes me happy, plain and simple. I left work on Saturday and immediately put on running shoes and took Duke for a run. Duke and I usually don’t run. He’s got bad hips. I let him set the pace, and I kept it short. I felt SO much better about being cooped up in a cubicle all day!


Sunday, I left work at 2 to go play soccer. It was a TON of fun – my team won, too! I’ve got the fitness to keep up (or more than keep up – I play in the lowest level women’s league), and I’ve got some idea of how to play. I think playing lacrosse in college helped me remember the basic concepts 🙂 I had one foot fault while throwing in the ball – oops.  But, I generally played ok – I was on defense and it was a shutout, so it must have been good enough!

Sunday evening, I was in an excellent mood. I went to my weekly “framily” (friends that are like family) dinner. I woke up Monday not wanting to work…

…but on Monday, good news just poured in via e-mail. I’ll be repping PowerBar at Interbike on Friday next week! And I’ve got some good things going with my coaching business, which makes me incredibly happy. I got in a great trail run at lunch, and I feel somewhat refreshed and ready to face the week!


One response to “Not really a weekend…

  1. Ugh on the work situation.

    The PowerBar rep opportunity sounds great!

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