Planning ahead – 2014

As I start to talk with athletes and begin filling my coaching roster for next year, I can’t help but start thinking about my goals for next year!

I’ll be in a unique position next year. I will be spending about 5 months in full-time army training again… but this time, I’ll be able to train. I’m not sure when yet – though I have an application in for the date I want. The school is 20 weeks long, which is a pretty standard training cycle timeframe. I’ll have a limited social life (hello, middle of nowhere), and I won’t have my dog (serious bummer), so my time will be pretty open.

Option 1: Go long!

Aim: Tackle my first 140.6. I’ll be in a situation I won’t feel like I’m missing out on life by working out 20 hours a week. I could register for one that is 1-3 weeks after my class ends, and it would work out well.

Option 2: Revisit 70.3

Aim: Break that 6 hour mark – hopefully by totally blowing it out of the water! 70.3 is a FUN distance for me. And very manageable.

Option 3: Get FAST!

Aim: Sub 2:35 Olympic distance race. Go fast, go hard, and still have time to explore the Ozarks.

Now, there are possibilities for combinations of the above, but I’m just focusing on what my A goal should be, and then I’ll build a season from there.

I’m leaning towards a 140.6, solely because I can likely put in the time without greatly impacting what I like to call a “normal social life”… and if I’m forced to be apart from this guy anyway…


…why not train my butt off?

So, we’ll see. As schedules develop and events open/close, I’m sure my A race and goals will fall into place!


One response to “Planning ahead – 2014

  1. I agree that the Ironman sounds like the best idea. Who knows when it will work with your schedule again.

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