We interrupt your regularly scheduled travel…

(post written about 1pm on 9/22 – didn’t get home until 3am!)

So, I’m currently sitting in a Chipotle in Fillmore, UT… at least I think that’s where I am, because that’s the name of the town that’s popping up on my phone’s weather app.

The tires on the Mazda were looking a little worn when I got my oil change for the trip. I figured I’d take care of it when I got home. I drove the 800+ miles from Tucson, AZ to Ogden, UT, via Las Vegas, with no issue, other that some vibration around 65mph and again around 80mph.

I drove away from the awesome Xterra race at Snowbasin today, ready to tackle the 815 miles home! But, my tires had other plans. About 30 miles into the drive, my car started vibrating – a lot. I took the next exit and hoped that nothing catostrophic would happen. I drove past at least a dozen CLOSED car/tire places, because this is generally Morman country, and most businesses are closed on Sunday. Lucky for me, Costco was a few short miles from the exit. By some act of luck, God, or chance, I got to Costco without a tire blowout. They had ONE SET of tires left in my car’s size. The guy at Costco quoted me the wrong price, apologized profousley when he told me it’d be more expensive and asked if I still wanted them. I just smiled and said they’re the only game in town on a Sunday, with one set of tires that fits, and I’m still nearly 800 miles from home. An extra $80 was certainly not a game-changer.

Now, I’m enjoying the tiny bit of downtime that I’ve managed to have on this trip.

I left Thursday, and headed up to Las Vegas. Well, first I did a workout, had a phone interview, signed some paperwork, dropped my dog off at a friend’s house, and got an oil change. Yeah.

I stayed out entirely too late on Thursday night, woke up, and headed over to Interbike! I was volunteering with PowerBar, and I actually got to hand out – and try! – a bunch of new products and flavors that won’t be out until 2014. They’re coming out with Wafer Bars – sort of like those wafer cookies / the inside of a Kit Kat. There’s a Berry Yogurt and a Chocolate Peanut Butter. These were AWESOME. They’re similar in nutrition to the standard PowerBar Performance Bar, but they’re lower in sugar and not as dense. Texture-wise, they’re a nice change from gels and bars, too.

They had two new flavors of the PowerBar Performance Bar – Nutty Berry and Peanut Butter and Jelly. YUM! There was a new flavor of the Energy Blasts – Orange. And, two new protein bar flavors – Mint Chocolate (I didn’t try this one. I’m not a fan of that flavor combination in general) and Peanut Butter Cookie.

We also had samples of the new Energy Blends. They’re similar in size and texture to those apple sauce packets, but with added C2Max. The Banana Blueberry one is my favorite so far. A new flavor was out for the sampling – Pear Blackberry. So tasty.

Interbike was so freaking cool – and so were the exhibitors and attendees. I had so much fun in the few hours I was there.

I also drooled over mountain bikes – a lot. I’m trying out a friend’s mountain bike next week to see how much a decent bike affects my confidence, handling, comfort and overall fun level. I’ve been rocking the 1992 Trek 8000 for so long… I’d like to experience the world of functional shocks and disc brakes. I hear it makes for a better ride.

Haha, which bring me back to the first point – and the driving with vibrating tires for so long… why do I wait to do things that will obviously better improve things like biking or driving overall?

Luckily the Lemond (road) and Blue (tri) bikes are in excellent shape, run great, and don’t need anything aside from maybe a cable on the Lemond and a derailer tune-up on the Blue. The Lemond got a full tune-up after my crash from my friend at Roadrunner Bicycles in Tucson. I’ll add those to the to-do list, I swear.

Must break the cycle!


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  1. Sounds like an adventure… 🙂

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