Xterra Utah – 10k Trail Run Race Report

I have decided that a ski resort is the prime location for a race. Tons of bathrooms, seating, and space! Also, Snowbasin in September is BEAUTIFUL!


Have you ever seen a more gorgeous starting line?

We started with a lap around the parking lot to allow the group to spread out. I started out running sub 8’s. Whoops. We hit the trail, climbed a little, and then we climbed A LOT.Image

That climb from mile 0.5 to 1.0 was tough.

Once it was over though, I caught my breath, and continued on. And the climb was totally worth it! I wish I had my camera! There were gorgeous vista views of the Wasatch Mountains. The leaves were showing their fall colors, and we ran through birch trees with white bark and bright orange leaves… so beautiful.


I was pretty much all smiles as I worked my way through the course, winding along single-track somewhere on Mount Ogden.Image

Despite the fact that I had just spent a few days in Vegas, I still managed a respectable time…  1:01:52, which was good enough for 4th out of 15 in my age group!

I’ll certainly be back with Xterra for some trail running goodness in the future!


One response to “Xterra Utah – 10k Trail Run Race Report

  1. Great pictures! You are all smiles 🙂

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