Long Weekend in Montana

I’ve now been to 44 states! Look out Alaska, Arkansas, Kansas, Nebraska, South Dakota, and Wyoming… I’m coming for you!

This past weekend I was in Missoula, Montana, and we took a side trip to some hot springs in Idaho.

I had mapped out some pretty epic hikes. I was determined to see some beautiful views, despite Glacier National Park being closed. When I found out my travel buddy had only really packed jeans and a pea coat, I started developing other plans…

Shortly after I arrived, my friend and his brother started catching up, so I stole borrowed the dog and went for a run!

Meet Indy… or as some call him, Dr. Jones!

It was so fun to run with a dog again! My dog was diagnosed with hip displaysia about two years ago, so our runs have been few and far between… and short!

Friday night involved a high school football game – coached by my friend’s brother, and then a night out in Missoula – with Sam in our matching Patagonia jackets:

Saturday, we road tripped over to Idaho to enjoy some natural hot springs. I’ve been in hot springs before – but the kind where a man-made pool is fed by the hot springs. This one was gorgeous!

It was called Jerry Johnson Hot Springs, and was just a short 1.5 mile hike into the Clearwater National Forest (which was *technically* closed).

Here’s the water source:

and it fed down into this creek:

You can see people down in one of the little pools! The creek was cold, but the water coming out of the ground was super hot.

The hike in was pretty, too!

The next day, we hiked up to the giant M over the University of Montana.

…and then kept hiking up…

…and up to Sentinal Peak – 5158 feet! Almost 2000 ft above Missoula.

(don’t tell Duke about this picture!!)

The hike back down via Hellgate Canyon Trail was absolutely gorgeous. If you ever find yourself in Missoula, do this trail!

We wrapped up the weekend with some wandering around downtown… and of course visiting a few local Breweries.

That might be the last big trip on the agenda for the year – aside from heading home for the holidays. But I am a total sucker for cheap airfare… so who knows?


One response to “Long Weekend in Montana

  1. Beautiful! You have been to more states than I have, but I did hit Alaska a couple years ago.

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