BluFrog Energy Drink Review

I was given this drink to try and review from Tanya at

Let me tell you, if I’ve learned anything from the Army, it’s how to appreciate energy drinks 🙂 But really, I think Monster and the Army must have some kind of arrangement… and with two consecutive 15 hour days on the schedule for next drill weekend, it’s not really a mystery why I’ve grown to love them.

But, I’m not a fan of how unnatural some of them are. Monster’s Rehab Green Tea – my usual go-to – starts off with water, glucose, then a decent ingredient list, but ends with things like pentahydrate, monopotassum phosphate, acesulfate potassium sucralose, calcium d-pantothenate, niacinamide, panax…

BluFrog contains carbonated water, natural fructose, a proprietary blend call LIMU (seaweed extract, and fruit purees and concentrates – see below), potassium sorbate (preservative), malic acid, and xanthum gum. Certainly better than most – maybe all? – of those caffeinated drinks that come in those little 8.4oz cans…


Anyway, John and Tanya sent me two to try. I had the first one after a long morning workout, and before heading to work. My expectations weren’t that high…

It was delicious. The fruit puree/concentrate and the light carbonation were a good pair. The little kick of caffeine was exactly what I needed.


I intentionally saved the next one for a challenge – the Ragnar Trail race at McDowell Mountain. I wanted to put it to the test as a sort of replacement for a pre-run caffeinated gel.

It was great, tasty, and served me well for my first night run. It was super refreshing before a run in the desert. I was happy and energetic through the whole run. I was concerned about the mild carbonation, but it was a non-issue.


-about as good-for-you as an energy drink can get

-really tasty. seriously

-half of the sugar of energy drinks, per serving


-only available through online promoters (much like Beachbody, AdvoCare, Herbalife)

-only available in full cases – (24 for $65, or ~$2.70/can)

So, if you’re interested, get in touch with Tanya ( or you can order a case from her site ( Honestly, I understand the hesitation of ordering through an MLM company – but Tanya (who I’ve only met in cyberspace) has been easy to work with. She provided me the sample a month ago, and has been patient and helpful while I sampled and reviewed.

I did buy a case from Tanya (told you I liked it!) – so if you’re REALLY curious, contact me. Nope, I’m not signing up with LIMU (the beverage’s producer) so I won’t be trying to sell you anything. 🙂

All of the opinions are my own – and the only compensation for this post was the two cans of BluFrog that I drank and reviewed.


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