Plan A, B, C, D…

I was ready.

I had my sights set on the Full Rev at Rev3 Cedar Point.

I hired a coach.

I mentally prepped myself for the long road ahead.

I picked out other races to motivate me along the way.

Then, I got rejected from my planned Army training date… meaning my perfectly planned training, vacation, and race schedule was no longer a possibility.


I applied for the next available Army training slot.

I searched for other Iron distance events that fell into my shrinking timeframe, and found… nothing. Except Kona.

I started pushing for an application status update.

The class was full, and my application still hadn’t been fully submitted.

I became the squeaky wheel.

I worked with a great NCO who pushed my application packet through for the soonest date with National Guard Slots.

Within 30 minutes, I was enrolled.

Cue giant sigh of relief.

I can now plan my life, at least for the next 12 months.

A super cool Army program that I wanted to get into will have to take a backseat for about 18 months.

A full 140.6 will also be an idea pushed out at least another year.

But, my job will likely have the funds to keep me until I leave (I was hired for a specific project ending 2 month before I go to training).

I’ve got new tri plans for this year, too. 2:35 Olympic distance, I’m coming for you.


2 responses to “Plan A, B, C, D…

  1. Where do you plan on doing that Olympic at? I was all excited when I read you might do Cedar Point. I am focusing on short stuff this year and I might target Cedar point HIM for 2015. Maybe you should target that for your full and we can both do Cedar Point.

  2. Too bad you had to shift your goals around. I don’t know if it will be a focal point for me next year, but I would like to break 2:35 in an Oly as well.

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