December Training Update

I’ve been working with a coach since the beginning of November, and things are going well!

I got to spend some time with the family over Thanksgiving.

I had an early dinner with most of my family, and then we loaded up the car and headed to Vermont!

And for three beautiful days (seriously beautiful!), I got to do this:

Yes, that’s my 2.5 year old niece. She was a beast on the bunny hill! I spent the majority of my 3 days on the slopes with my brother-in-law, but we took his daughter out for a few runs every day. She absolutely loves it. I think part of her enjoyment in skiing down is that she gets to ride the “big lift” back to the top again. I give it three more winters before she’s skiing circles around me.

I have started attending Masters Swimming again with Ford Aquatics at the University of Arizona. Luckily, my family was able to locate my cousin’s old swim parka – so I’ve got that going for me on the sub-40-degree mornings…

I’ve started running with a local group for a weekly track practice.

I picked up a gently used PowerTap from Carmichael Training Systems – so my volunteering with them cost me money in the long run 😉 – but it was a stupid awesome deal. And, well, I am an engineer after all. I love me some data!

I picked my first target race of the season: SUPERSEAL!

2:35 or bust!

It’s my magic number for the season. Cranking out a 2:35 at the Olympic distance will make me eligible to apply for the Army Triathlon Team. So, that’s the goal for 2014.

SuperSeal is a great first attempt – the swim is in the bay and will certainly be wetsuit legal, the bike is a pancake flat two loops on Silver Strand Hwy, and the run is a flat out-and-back on a packed dirt trail. Wind and weather could certainly affect race conditions – and even if I don’t hit my target, I’ll be spending a few days by the ocean in one of my favorite cities in the US.

My schedule beyond that is WAY up in the air. Rev3 announces this week who made their team – and I’m uncertain if I’ll be a returning member after taking 2013 off. If I am – I’ll be hitting as many of their Olympic distance races as possible! If not, I’ll likely hit two of their races, but I’ll mostly race local… Where “local” is a term relative to where I am currently residing. I head to Missouri in the summer for more Army training!

No matter what, 2014 will certainly be interesting.


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