Why I love Christmas Shopping

1. My family keeps it simple.

I’m one of 5 kids, and two of my siblings are married. That brings the potential gift count to 6. It seems a bit overwhelming, so my siblings, in-laws, and I switched to doing a secret santa a few years ago.

We set a fairly generous budget (because I’m buying one present instead of 6!), set up a Google Spreadsheet for a Christmas list, and get shopping… this leads me to number 2…

2. I am very skilled at finding good deals online.

…so I can give people more than they expect! I was able to find gifts on the list over half off – and a little something extra not on a list. I generally have a list of stuff I want/need so I can keep an eye out for those things when they go on sale. So, I add things from people’s lists (or things I think they’ll want) to my list, to keep an eye out.

3.  Shopping online and shipping to my parents’ house is the best idea ever.

I’m still the lone sibling who isn’t living within a 30 minute drive of my parents’ house. So, when I order something, I ship it to their home, and give my mom instructions on what to open and what to leave sealed… I fly home with minimal baggage – but I leave some room in my suitcase to bring back my gifts – and maybe a few things I had ordered that are in those boxes at my parents’ house as well!

4. My family is practical – not materialistic

This makes me VERY happy. I love giving and receiving useful gifts. My list consisted of gift cards for local restaurants/museums/things, a nice multitool/knife, arm warmers… My family’s lists are all similar – practical items (running socks, athletic clothing, gift cards to gyms/shops/golf courses that are frequented…)

5. I got to buy my niece her first bike!


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