Working on living in the moment

With 6 months of Army training looming on the horizon, I’m definitely struggling to live in the moment. This is something that I used to be awesome at! 

I was pretty nomadic from 2007-2010. I lived out of two suitcases for two separate four-month periods during that span. And I LOVED it. I could tell stories for days about undertaking crazy adventures, borderline shady living conditions, and cramming entirely too many people into a hotel room/cabin/tent all for the sake of some fun times together.

So, what’s changed? Why am I worried?

I guess this time, I’m facing the bad kind of professional uncertainty. I’m potentially facing a need to find a job post-army training. I’m working under a grant right now that should keep me working until May/June, when I pick up and leave Tucson. There’s no guarantee that grant money will be available after I complete training. I may be facing dreaded unemployment!

  • Solution: the world is my oyster, yet again! Well, at least the US is. I’m in the AZ Guard, but I can transfer states.  Plus, I’ll have time to explore my options as training wraps up. I may end up right back where I started, too. Tucson is great – but the market for Mechanical Engineers isn’t stellar.

I have a dog that I need to leave behind for 6 months… again!

  • Positive side: He’s most likely staying with my parents, but I did reach out to an OCS classmate who is stationed where I’ll be training to see if anyone wants him for a while. Either way, Duke will be happy and well-taken care of! Also, I’ll embrace life sans-dog – spontaneous trips, guilt free long days & workouts, no picking up poo, and all of the bed space I could possibly want.

The last time I left for six months, my 3-year relationship blew up in epic fashion.

  • I’m never allowing myself to remain in a situation like that again, anyway, so this shouldn’t be a problem 🙂

Sweating the details: do I keep my lease and collect the housing money? Do I walk away from the lease and put my stuff on storage? Do I sell/give away most of my stuff so it all fits in my car? Where will my mail go? When will I leave?

  • It doesn’t REALLY matter. Any solution will work, one way or another! The best solutions will become more obvious as time goes on.

Friends are settling down, which makes my semi-nomadic life not quite fit in.

  • Stop comparing myself to them! Embrace the adventurers, the quirky ones, the ones that will love me and visit or vacation with me despite the miles and other life obligations!

I’m going to live in the deep, dark hole that is TRADOC for another 6 months.

  • It’s not THAT BAD. Besides, that sort of group suffering/commiseration is what builds strong bonds. Seize every opportunity to have fun, even if it’s outside of my comfort zone. Improve myself.

I’m getting that restless feeling that always seems to occur when a big change in imminent!

  • I’m creating an AZ Bucket List. I generally HATE bucket lists, but it will give me something to chase while I’m here. It should keep me focused on the awesomeness that is Southern Arizona – and not focused on the uncertainty that 2014 will bring. It will also help ease the pain of separation from AZ if no good job opportunities present themselves here late next year.

So, here’s to embracing life’s changes and spending 2014 living in the here and now!


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