Teaming up with SBR Sports! TriSwim, TriSlide, Foggle!

You heard me right – I’m teaming up with SBR Sports this year. They are the makers of some awesome products that I’ll be using (actually, that I’ve BEEN using) and SHARING with you this year!


TriSwim products consist of Shampoo, Conditioner, Body Wash, and Lotion. They work to neutralize and remove the Chlorine, Bromine, salt water and chemical odor from your skin and in your hair. It’s so good, that it’s the official hair & skin care product of US Master’s Swimming.

The lotion is by far my favorite product. Swimming + dry air + winter cold = super dry skin right now. This it my go-to lotion to undo the damage from the pool… and the dry desert air… and the chafing… and the sunburn…

It’s also paraben-free and not tested on animals.


TriSlide is a silicone-based spray on anti-chafe / anti-friction lubricant. I discovered TriSlide later than I would have liked… picture this…

My family does the Florida Keys Ragnar Relay every year. Two years ago was my dad’s first Ragnar! He started running just to participate in this with us! Well, the Florida heat and humidity caught him by surprise. He was chafing and needed relief. All I had was the stick of rub-on lube. And, not one to let someone suffer, I lent it to him. Ew. I won’t go into detail, but you can imagine what parts that stick came in contact with… we wiped the top layer off with the towel and pretended it was all ok.

So, now, I bring TriSlide to EVERY race – and every ride… and longer runs. It’s super sanitary! Not just for others, but for myself. I’m not rubbing the same stick on my feet, nether-regions, and that weird spot under my arm. I also don’t have to give my business a through rub-down – just a spray. It sprays where you need it and stays put! I use it running, bike riding (3+ hour rides and no need to re-apply), and even ruck marching. It works great to help get your wetsuit on and off, and to avoid chafing on the back of your neck.


Foggle is a cleanser and anti-fog towelette. It looks like those little lemon-scented sanitizing wipes.

Foggle isn’t something I use daily at the pool, but it is something that comes out as race day approaches. Sighting isn’t critical in the University of Arizona pool, but it is on open water swims and races. For about a week or two leading up to a race, I’ll foggle my goggles, and then use it on race day. It’s awesome, and keeps me fog-free!

I also use these Scuba Diving, I’ve used them on my sunglasses before long rides, and I’ve even used them to clean and de-fog my snowboarding goggles. If you keep the wipes in a zip-lock bag, they last for a few uses.


So, there it is! The SBR Sports family of products. Now, the REALLY cool part is, I get to share! There will be a giveaway here once the sponsorship gets in full swing… but I’m also hooking up some groups, clinics, practices, and races. So – do you want some SBR Sports swag for your next event? If so, send me an e-mail and we’ll chat 🙂


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