February is almost over already?

I’ve got a race report to post (Ragnar Florida Keys) and a race support report to post (24 Hours in the Old Pueblo MTB race), but they’re in my draft folder and not as exciting as some other things…

I’ll give you the quick and dirty anyway:

Ragnar Florida Keys

Awesome, as usual. I ran all 18 of my miles after taking ~3-4 weeks off of running to avoid an oncoming shin injury. Not the best idea ever, but it worked. My amazing little sister was on standby for all of my runs with her shoes on, ready to hop in for me the moment I felt pain… never did 🙂 It was great to see most of my family, my van had a blast, and I got to catch up with some great friends!

24 Hours in the Old Pueblo

I was the solo supporter of my friend’s attempt to do this solo. Crazy, right? He had his mountain bike stolen in the week before the race, and then broke the frame of his fancy racing MTB. So, he went into it on a borrowed bike, which had its own set of challenges. He was running in 4th for the first few laps, and then dropped to 6th after he stopped to sit for a while because his back was killing him. Night came, he slowed down a little, but seemed to be feeling better… and then crashed out on lap 7. He’s ok, but his race was over.

Team RWB Tri Camp

I applied for this opportunity a while ago – not to be a camp attendee, but to be a volunteer athlete. I’ll be assisting coaches, and helping out new triathletes on our swim, bike and run adventures. I can’t wait to work with some amazing veterans to show them the wonderful activities and community associated with Triathlon. Derick Williamson is the coach hosting the camp, and I’m pretty excited to work alongside Time O’Donnell, Brad Williams, and Caroline Gaynor, among the many other Triathletes that will be there…

Army Triathlon Team

So, the requested time to apply for the team is a sub-2:35 Olympic Distance race. I applied this year anyway. Historically, Army Women has ranked the lowest of the military branches. Well, history is changing! I needed to ask a question regarding my application, and I got an extremely polite response that said there are EIGHT women in the 2:09-2:22 range. They pick five for the team. Holy cow, that’s smoking fast! So, this may become more of a 2016 goal, than a 2014 or 2015. Or it may not be a goal. I know that two years of hard, smart, consistent training should get me within that range, but am I willing to dedicate my free time and athletic pursuits to this one goal? We’ll see. SuperSeal will now serve as more of a benchmark than an attempt at qualifying. I’m a little relieved, to be honest. A 2:2X will certainly light a fire under me.

Prepping for Missouri

Last night, someone tracked me down after seeing me in the Army Tri Team e-mail, then again on the Team RWB Facebook page. She’s the one that applied with a 2:09 race. Anyway, she used to live in Missouri! Not only was she super encouraging regarding my training and making the team, but she’s also a wealth of knowledge about triathlon clubs and races in the area I’ll be spending my summer/fall.  Maybe a few months at Ft Lost-In-The-Woods won’t be so bad after all.


We submitted a grant application that – if it’s approved – will guarantee me employment beyond my next round of Army training. Cross your fingers for me!

You made it this far?

Awesome. Here’s a bike. And then, a dog. 




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