SuperSeal, here I come!

And just like that, it’s race week!

I feel more prepared entering into this event than I have for any tri I’ve ever done. Seriously, despite my 3-4 weeks of not running because of concerns about my shin, I’m so excited to get out there and race to see what I can do!

So, what’s different this time around?

Well, I’ve been working with a coach – Laura a.k.a. Frayed Laces. It’s my first time being coached as a triathlete. So, that’s been awesome.

I got a power meter. I’m more focused, motivated, and dedicated to my bike than I’ve ever been, and I’ve been training smartly on it.

And, I’m really not sure what to expect. I’ve made some serious gains, and I haven’t raced in what feels like forever.

So, we’re working on a plan. I’ll have some Power numbers on the bike, and Heart Rate for the run. We’ve discussed a swim strategy. Nutrition. Clothing. Shoes. Weather. I’m ready.

This weekend, a lot will be determined! The day before the race, the 2014 All Army Tri Team roster comes out. I’ll have a pretty good idea of what it actually will take to make the team. If you need me on Saturday, I’ll be stalking my competition via Athlinks and resting up for the race!

With what I learn on Saturday, I’ll be racing my heart out on Sunday.

It looks like I’ll be traveling solo for this event, so I’m very happy that I booked a room at a beach-front hotel, and I included Sunday night in the original reservation. Post-race, I’ll be relaxing – or maybe obsessively planning my next round of athletic endeavors – but either way, there will be beers! And beach! And sunshine! 


One response to “SuperSeal, here I come!

  1. I’m interested to hear how the power training translates into race performance. A meter is on my someday list.

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