Planning and running forward!

I’m a little Type A, but organization doesn’t exactly take a front seat in my life. I do over-schedule myself a bit and enjoy multitasking, but I’m rarely worked up about things. I’m far from work-obsessed, and I don’t have a short fuse.

But I NEED to have a plan. It doesn’t have to be functional. It doesn’t have to ever come to fruition, but I can’t help myself from planning for often dozens of potential outcomes from events.

It’s unclear whether I’ll be able to come back to my current company after my next Army school. This is a fact that I knew going in – as my work is entirely grant-based. I sacrificed job security for a shot at doing something interesting, and working with a smaller company where I can actually be innovative without a lot of red tape. It’s been awesome. The job suits my lifestyle too. I can’t work more than 40 hours per week, and my time is flexible. I don’t get vacation days, but I haven’t been told “no” yet when asking for some unpaid time off. It’s a good system. I like to get paid, so I work when possible. But, if I want to take off for a long weekend, it’s generally a non-issue. There’s lots of good communication and clear expectations all around.

So, my career plan is: Wait.

The reality is, I won’t know for a while if I can come back to the current job. If I can’t, I really can’t start a job search that many months in advance. I’m still poking around and exploring my options, but I really won’t start applying until the fall. I’m ok with it.

Athletically? Well, that’s a different story.

The problem with athletic goals is that it usually takes a LOT of time to do them well. I do really want to make the Army team, but I know that my Olympic time, while it meets the standard, it is not up to par with the amazingly talented ladies that made the team this year. Also, the dead of winter is not exactly a booming time for triathlon in the US.

Plan A is still an awesome military program that I’m trying to get in to… but it’s starting to look like Plan B is a marathon. I ran my first (and so far only) marathon back in 2012. And, I ended my race report with “If I ran more while training, I’m certain I could run faster. But, we’ll save that for another time.” I ran this after a half ironman, where I took a week or two off, and then did a 10 week build. It worked, and I ran to the best of my abilities, but nowhere near my potential.

Luckily, Plan A and Plan B and Plan make-the-army-tri-team-someday will all benefit from a solid block of running. And solid run mileage is good for basically any other plan I can come up with.

So, until I find out if Plan A might actually happen, I’ll keep the run miles up, the strength training consistent, and come up with 37 other alternate plans because that’s how I roll.

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