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This weekend I learned:

  1. How windy is actually too windy for a mountain bike ride.

Despite a less-than-stellar weather forecast, we decided to hit the AZ trail for a few miles of off-road riding. The weather was cool (70s!) but the wind… oh the wind. Up to 30mph sustained, with gusts up to 40. This is officially too windy to ride. We made it about 5 miles from the trailhead in about 30 minutes! No lie. Uphill, into the wind, or with stiff crosswinds that more than once swept me off the trail. We stopped at a gate and decided to turn around. I admitted I was miserable, but put on my game face and tried to enjoy the mostly downhill, tailwind assisted return to the car. Lucky for us, the front carrying all of the rain was nice enough to wait until we got back home.

  1. That people bocce is a fun game!

I hosted an open water swim clinic/practice on Sunday. 9 people came out, and we had fun! We practiced drafting, sprinting and sighting. Then, we played a round of people bocce. I swam out about a dozen strokes from the crew, and each one tried to swim to me without sighting. It tells you a lot about how straight you naturally swim, and if you tend to veer constantly to the same side, you can start to work on correction.

I also participated, and was probably ~6ft away from my target. I also forgot to breathe, because in my mind not sighting meant not taking my face out of the water, period. Oops!

  1. That crossfit is proof that I’m an endurance athlete!

My current fitness focus is running & building some strength. Tri is currently taking a bit of a backseat to prep for the next round of Army training. I’ve got some goals, and I think being a bit stronger will help me get there.

With heavier lifting workouts, I’m usually in the bottom two or three for weight used. I’m not frustrated by this (yet!) because I have a lot to learn technique-wise, and I’m doing things I’m simply not used to doing.

With lighter, higher rep workouts, I’m usually rocking out the reps with the best of them. Today was 6 rounds of 20 seconds of empty bar presses, and then 30 seconds of sit-ups.  No rest. I crushed it! Yesterday was weighted jump squats, body weight squats and lunges, timed, for max reps. I might be the only one that held my rep count steady, and even increased on the last round.

While I’m pretty sure my month of crossfit won’t allow me to be anywhere near the ability level of some of the beast-mode ladies in the gym, I’m excited to add some new stuff to my fitness toolbox to help me achieve whatever I decide will come next.